AI Infrastructure Engineer

Sorcero, the leader in Language Intelligence, the next-generation of deep learning powered Natural Language Understanding, is immediately hiring an AI Infrastructure Engineer to join the engineering team. Sorcero has been selected by Business Insider as one of the 81 startups expected to boom in 2021, and this is an opportunity to engage with high-profile enterprise customers to create something genuinely new and significant.

Why Join Sorcero?

We are making serious strides towards transforming decision-making for key technical industries, like Life Sciences, Healthcare, Insurance, and Engineering, that power the world and you would be a critical part of our success. We have incredible insights into markets and how to build technology that is powerful and differentiated. All while solving huge challenges in people’s lives and health that were previously intractable to prior generations of technology. You will help us move even faster.

  • You’ll join a team of brilliant, passionate people working collaboratively to build a sustainable, scalable organization committed to using understanding to create a better world.
  • You’ll be empowered to innovate and apply your intellectual curiosity to interesting technical & business challenges.
  • You’ll actively work to transform an established approach to work and learning with groundbreaking, bleeding edge technology.
  • You are in the pursuit of mastery and excellence, and are seeking a space and people who share your obsession

Job Opportunity

Sorcero is currently seeking an AI infrastructure engineer (or what we like to call an Apprentice AI-Cloud Wizard) to help scale our current AI solutions. You will work with our in-house and contracted platform development team, and work with our technology team to build a ground-breaking knowledge platform. We are looking for an engineer as passionate as we are about building machines that truly understand language and can aid subject matter experts better navigate their workflows.

Not to be negative, but don’t waste your time if:

  • you are afraid of the unknown.
  • you’ve never broken (and fixed) someone else’s code;
  • you just want to do what you are told.


As our AI infrastructure engineer, you will be responsible for helping design solutions to aid the end-to-end ML lifecycle and the development of custom models. From cloud deployments to self managed custom frameworks to facilitate model iteration, your work will impact the productivity and effectiveness of the entire AI team. Strong integration with the wider engineering toolset is expected.

Managing source-code version control discipline (Git) and overseeing code delivery into our projects, testing, and deployment. We are looking for someone with strong engineering discipline and a pragmatic focus on delivering functional code, not allegiance to any one language. We value creativity, the hacker ethos, the near-obsessive focus on building something that will make the future come a bit closer into focus. This role will report to the Lead AI engineer. The AI infrastructure engineer can be based remotely but will need to work during business hours in US eastern time. We are offering a competitive base salary/benefits package and equity.


  • Have at least three years (two if you don’t sleep very much) of recent experience in Python;
  • Have demonstrable experience in all aspects of the ML lifecycle (processing, training, evaluating, deploying, serving, monitoring), preferably in the NLP domain;
  • Are curious and somewhat educated (formally or informally) about cognition and language;
  • Have at least a year’s experience with collaborative software development practices (i.e. source control, issues, milestones, code reviews, etc);
  • Can work (and have worked) late and/or early under the influence of a deadline or inspiration;
  • Can communicate and work well with non-technical or less-technical folks;
  • Can collaborate well with team members who are located across the globe;
  • Aren’t afraid of a little math now and then;
  • Have just the right amount of ego.

Preferred Qualifications

  • MSc./PhD in Computer Science, AI or related fields from a top tier university
  • Expertise in one or more of the following domains: Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Machine Learning lifecycle management, Systems integration, Cloud computing.
  • Strong background in developing and deploying ML models (participation in Kaggle competitions is a plus).
  • Past participation in the technology role in a prior venture-funded startup
  • Self starter who can be productive from the first day
  • A sense of humor, and calm under pressure

About Sorcero

Understanding is the key to intelligence. With this principle at heart, we leverage Language Intelligence to give our customers fluid and fluent access to and control over the inherent complexities of their businesses. At Sorcero, we believe in augmenting human beings, not replacing them. Our platform gently directs users towards the right answer, and always supports human experts.

Because ∑ (human + AI) > human or AI alone

Sorcero is an Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse environment, and strongly encourages applications from diverse candidates.